imageSo, to recap; we lost our beloved Shih Tzu, Trixie, that we had for 17 years. This happened on Thursday night, December 27. Friday morning, I had to somehow go to work and be productive (?) That next Monday, I brought home the sweetest, cutest puppy I have Ever seen! We named her, Little Lady. She got sick Tuesday night, Wednesday was New Years Day, so when we took her to the vet on Thursday, that deadly bitch, Parvo, had claimed her, and the vet put her to sleep. Again, one week later, I had to go to work on Friday, after losing a dog on Thursday night! Can you say “Groundhog Day”?  I was a mess! While I was trying to get through the day, Doug went back to the place where I had bought the puppy to tell her what happened. While he was there, a lady came in with 2 dogs whose human mother had died. She was trying to find another home for them. Well, there stands Doug! While I’m at work, just trying to make it through the day, he is bringing, not one, but two Dogs home! I came in that afternoon to utter chaos! Both dogs were Shih Tzus, both older, both Male. We’ve never had a male dog! The 4 yr old was hyper! The 2 yr old was quieter. I couldn’t deal, so I went to my bedroom and shut the door on the whole mess! The next day, we decided to keep the 2 yr old quieter dog. Doug the other one to the shelter.  MAX is black with one little white patch on his chest! He has a sweet disposition, but is skittish and easily frightened. He LOVES Doug! Follows him, every step he takes! He is a loving dog, that I believe, once he settles in and gets comfortable in the house will make a wonderful pet! Having said that – he’s a Boy! Lifts his leg about every few feet! Obviously, not house trained. Something we will address soon!  Have made arrangements next week to have him microchipped, “fixed” and brought up to date on his shots.  Stay tuned.

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