So, Monday…

So last Monday morning it was 28 degrees outside and frosty when I got ready to leave for work. My car, that I call “Big Blackie” is a big Mecury Mountaineer that is used and has problems, but I love it. So, in order to “warm” the car up enough to drive it, takes about 15-20 minutes (and I don’t even guess how much gas!) So I go out, drivers’ door is a little frozen, but eventually opens. I start the car, turn on the heater, defrost, everything. Got out, tried to close the car door. It would not shut. I went back in the house to wait.

Long, 30 minutes later, after several (12) tries, I could not get the driver’s side door closed!!! I tried and tried, but to no avail! So, I get in the car, put my seat belt on, and Held my door closed . All the way to Work!

I arrived okay; worried that if the door wouldn’t close, my interior light would stay on all day. By the time I got off work at 4:30, I would have to deal with a dead battery. That was a problem for later. For now, I turned the car off, threw my keys into my purse, got out of the car and tried, again, to close the door. It Closed!  AND LOCKED!!!  My purse, my lunch is now Locked in the car!  Great!

In case you are wondering,  Doug and I had had  “words” earlier, so he was unaware of the trouble I was having. And, for the record, I DO have a hide-a-key thing with an extra key in it. But I had not gotten around to putting it on my car yet.

So, I go into work, tell my pitiful story, and try to call Doug to bring me an extra key. He hasn’t turned his phone on. My friend, Megan, asked me if I have AAA. I tell her, yes, but my card is in my purse, In The Car! She says she will call them and tell them it is her car. Sweet girl. She does. They come and unlock my door.

End of story?  Uh, no!  It’s Monday!  I get off work, drive thru the cleaners to drop off Doug’s winter coat to be cleaned. I also brought along a couple of his jackets that needed new zippers. I hand the lady the coat thru my window, then go to hand her the jackets. What I have, however, are two pairs of slacks;  not jackets!  Geeze.

Since I’m out, I call Doug to see if I can bring him supper. (He still knows Nothing about my day). He says yes, so I pull thru Fazzoli’s drive thru, place my order, get my total, and pull up to the window. Went into my purse to grab my wallet. Nothing, Nada, not there. Dump my purse into the car seat – Nope!  Ask the little girl if they take checks. Of course, she said, No.  So,  I told her,  “Never Mind”.

Drove home.  Opened a bottle of wine and prayed for Tuesday!  Stay tuned.