No, this is not about That! This is about all the little, creative ways I manage to make it through my days/nights!
I am an impulse shopper – I shop online quite often, since it’s hard for me to walk for very long in a brick and mortar store. If I do go to the Mall, I never try anything on. Easier for me to keep my receipt and bring it back later.
Anyway, as I dressed for work, I put on a new sweater I had bought. A Very dear friend was taking me to lunch and I wanted to look pretty. I don’t buy sweaters. If I ever do, they have to be loosely woven or a synthetic fabric that will “breathe”.
I stay very warm. I only gave up wearing my open-toed shoes this week. It took me twelve, (yes, 12) years to get through menopause. I still have a warmer body temp than most people my age.
Anyway, even though it was November the 6th, in southern Kentucky, by the time I had on my sweater, I was burning up! I knew I would never last the day and I didn’t want to change clothes!
I like the little, very thin washcloths that you can buy at Walmart. The ones that are like 20 for $15 or something. I love big, fluffy towels, but want my washrags thin.
So to conquer my “warmness”, I wet a small washrag with cold water and slipped it in between my breasts. (What – too much info?) Periodically, through out the day, I can re-wet the rag as needed and keep myself cool. This also works at night when you find that you are too hot. A wet washcloth between your knees as you lie on your side will definitely solve your problem.
I once had a job where I had to wear socks and tennis shoes, in the summer, all day, every day! Ugh! I remember going into the Ladies room, throughout the day, sliding off my tennis shoes, and putting my sock feet into the clean toilet bowl to get them wet and cool my feet off!
Ah, to each, his own! Stay tuned!