I assume that if you are reading this, you already know me well. But, just in case you happened on this blog and might be curious – a little info. My main list of characters are as follows:

Doug – my husband since 1969

Kathleen – my sister who lives with us

Kyle – Kathleen’s son (who does not)

Max and Molly – our two rescue dogs

Lisa – the first child I gave birth to

Emily and Brady – Lisa’s daughter & son

Lorie – my second daughter

Keith – Lorie’s husband

John Thomas (JT) and Lilly – Lorie & Keith’s children

Brian – my son

Bethany – his wife of three years

That is my Main group, but as you will see, the cast of characters in my life is numerous. Their ages, color and gender vary and that is what makes them interesting. Because I work with most of these characters and am good friends with all, I reserve the right to change their names to protect ME, my job, my property and any/all lawsuits that may arise. This is my official disclaimer. The stories you read are true. This is my personal history. I use this blog to vent. If anything in these posts offend you, feel free to stop reading.

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