My Life

Okay, so.. I read a couple of my last posts, and they are downers. I started this blog to be funny, but here’s the thing. My 68 year old husband has early on-set Alzheimer’s, and my life is no longer funny.  I have lost my therapist, my friends are tired of me, and, you know what? I need an outlet. I have exactly three people that follow this blog, so here’s the thing.  Read this – don’t. Whatever.  I really don’t care.  I Have to have somewhere, someway, to vent. I don’t care if Anyone sees this. I am just putting it out there.

Apparently, going forward, my days, if today was an example,  will consist of Doug napping for two hours, and then, still, going to bed – for the night – at 7:00.

You know, that’s okay.  He needs his rest. And he takes sleeping pills, but, still…. I miss him.  I miss the companionship, the conversation, the Presence, of my husband, my best friend, my Guy!

So, I am going to quit my full-time job in December, to stay home with Doug, full time. I have worked, everyday, of my life, since I was18 years old. This will be a Major challenge.

So, this is my life – going forward.  And I am Not ungrateful. It is Not cancer. It is Not heart problems. It is Not stroke.  I get it!  God knows – it could be worse, and much more immediate.  But, the truth is – it is slow and agonizing, and very isolating.  But, I will find my way, somehow- to make our life as good as it can be, for as long as it can be, for my guy.

Stayed tuned.