Well, I tried.

I just want to say that I hate “nice people”. Well, Hate is a strong word, but I really don’t Like nice people. I don’t understand them. It seems like they have an ulterior motive – but I never know what it is! I can’t think like they do, therefore I really don’t really trust them!

Example today:   I got a Disconnect notice from BGMU (our electric company), for, get ready,…….$6.41!  Yes, you read that correctly. Six dollars and forty-one cents. Those of you who know me well, and for those who follow this blog (see Brian’s Shoes), know that to piss me off – it’s not a good thing! I like revenge (when I can get it) and I Love to make a point! So on my lunch hour, I hand delivered 641 Pennies to BGMU! I parked my car, used my cane to limp into the building, carrying my large Manila envelope of pennies.

There were two cashiers taking payments. One was busy with a customer. That left me with Ms. Brown Hair. Dressed nicely, smile on her face – “How may I help you today?”  Oh, Boy!  Here we go!

Me:  “Well, I was sent this Disconnect Notice, so I left work early on my lunch hour so I could get here to pay you!” (Handed her the Notice with $6.41 highlighted in Orange).

Ms. Brown Hair:  “Oh, no, Honey. They would Never disconnect your service for that small amount of money!)

Me:  “Then Why would they send me such a Notice?”

Ms. Brown Hair:  “Those are automatically sent Anytime there is a balance due; regardless. But they absolutely would Not disconnect you for that!”

Me:  “Well, I came to pay you what I owe. Sorry, I didn’t have time to roll these. I had to work this morning.” (Handed her the large envelope and watched while she spilled out 641 pennies.)

Ms. Brown Hair:  “I’ll just be a minute.” (As she turns and goes to the drawer where the coin roll papers are.)

I stand for maybe 2 minutes. She turns to me and says –

“Are you sure there is $6.41 in this envelope?”

Me:  “Give or take a couple of pennies.”

Ms. Brown Hair:  “Well honey, I don’t want you to have to stand there and wait while I count all these. I know you are on your lunch hour. I’ll just mail you a receipt, okay? That way you don’t have to stand and wait on me, okay?”

Well, what in the Hell am I supposed to say to that??? I spent all morning gathering 641 pennies, just to Prove a Point and show someone How it Feels to be Put Out and Aggravated and This is what I Get?  A Nice Lady!

Well now-  isn’t that Special?

New Year

Well, it’s time to start again. I am happy that me and mine are alive and able to usher in a new year! I don’t plan on a “happy” new year. Or even a “good” new year. I’ll take a “medium” one, all day long! 2014 was a “medium” year for me and that was ok. Compared to the last 4 or 5 years, it was not bad, at all!

I got, not one, but two puppies, spent some very enjoyable time at the Lake, put my husband on the draw and had a wonderful visit from my son and daughter-in-law from Utah.
My mother, Sarah, is now 89 and still living in the nursing home. However, her dementia has gotten so bad that my visits don’t last more than 15 – 20 minutes at a time. She can no longer even pretend to know me. All I can do is assure myself that she is reasonably happy, comfortable, and well cared for.

My sister had a successful hip replacement surgery. She’s doing well with that.

I started the year with two very close friends, but it became apparent that I was wearing them out. As a result, I started a Ya Ya group comprised of “friends” on my Facebook page who live in town. We meet once a month for dinner. After some trials and errors, this group has become very important and enjoyable to me!

I changed personal and eye doctors this year. Completed all the “tests” you are supposed to have done on a regular basis. Physically, things look good. Mentally, no one will comment!

In November, I had the plate removed from my forearm (from the car wreck). After this completely heals, it will be much more comfortable for me. I got a second opinion on my ankle from a doctor in Louisville. Unfortunately, he said the same thing my lovely doctor here says. So. I just have to “carry on” as best I can!

My “plans” for this new year are fairly basic. I hope to actually take a vacation trip with my husband. I want to spend quality time with my friends and family. I want to be more “present” in the lives of people who may need my help. I want to show those special people in my life how much they mean to me and how much I depend on them. I want good health and peace and contentment for everyone. If, sometime this year, a little joy happens – that would be welcomed!

Stay tuned!