“Love You”.

What, exactly, does that mean? I am pondering this tonight, after seeing several family members today.  But, it also applies to friends. And family. And co-workers you are close to. I am wondering.  Anymore, this phrase seems to have taken on the off  handed “See ya”,  or “Call me”,  or “Catch ya later”, type of saying.  It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s convenient.  I am also guilty of saying this. But, what does it really mean?  Is it really a new age saying – in passing? You have an affection for, but not a closeness to someone? You care about this person, but, a quick hug, and this phrase, is the end of your responsibility ?

Now, understand, I am not talking girlfriend/boyfriend, married, Mother/daughter, or Father/ son kind of “Love you”.

I have always believed that if you said that word,  LOVE,  you had an obligation.  Otherwise, why bother?  Your obligation,  was to be a physical, but more importantly, an Emotional presence in that person’s life. Maybe, it’s just me.

I know – the world, and customs, and sayings, are changing.           I get it.  I just wish people would put more thought into the words they say.