God Bless Me!

God bless me, this is so hard! I am so tired! I keep telling myself, this part (the meetings, the phone calls) will settle into place. It will take a couple of months yet, but that’s how I get through this. Oh, and God. I can only imagine His side of things. “What? You haven’t talked to Me, for any quality time for months. NOW you are calling My name and having conversations with Me, two to three times a Day? Okay, My child. What can I do?”

A typical day for me starts at 4:00. I get to work at 7:00. My work day is 7:30 to 4:30 weekdays. My days include my work work, at least two (and will vary – yesterday was six) phone calls concerning Doug, and 3 times a week, I have lunch time meetings. I have taken various “vacation” days from work so I can schedule several meetings or appointments on one day. I try to write down thoughts, plans, etc. in my notebook before bedtime so it will be off my mind and I can sleep.

Through this experience, I’ve learned a lot of things. About people. I’ve had a bank president (whom I had never met prior to this) take my hand and ask how else he could help us. I’ve had close friends and some family members just disappear. I had an old friend that I haven’t “seen” since high school (but we are FB friends) come forward and say, “I know what you are going through. I am here for you”.

I have learned some things that have helped me, a lot.

1. Always ask for a supervisor. Do not waste your precious time on “underlings” that can’t help you.

2. Get/stay organized. Have several copies of the papers or forms that you need. Take them with you, always. I have copies at my desk at work, at home and in my car.

3. Work on your patience.  And your Road Rage. Pray for it!

4. Write it down. Everything! You can not / will not remember. Invest in cheap spiral notebooks. Put the Date at the top. Write down who you talked to. Trust me, you will need this.

5. Appreciate the moments. Sometimes, that’s all you get. I struggled with a really hard issue, but managed to resolve it, by myself! By the time I managed to pat myself on the back (Good job, Marty!) I was hit with two new problems!

6. Lie, if you have to. God won’t mind and it’s not one of the Big Ten anyway.

7. Be kind to yourself. Find little things that make you happy, everyday. A friend that calls, a funny story, a beautiful sunset.

“I don’t want to think about tomorrow. Lord knows, I have my hands full, just worrying’ about today.”*

*Larry Gatlin,  “I Don’t Wanta Cry.”

Stay Tuned.