The Wanderer

This is my husband’s newest thing. He will simply open the door, and he’s gone! He used to go outside and mow the yard. Now, he has broken both the riding and the push mowers. He told me the other day that he wanted to rake the leaves. I found the rake for him and got him a box of lawn and leaf bags. He raked some of the leaves and instead of putting them in the bags, he put them into an old ice cooler and a cardboard box. He used to take the dogs for a walk (we have two small ones). One day, my daughter was on her way over to visit, and she passed him walking the dogs, in the middle of a very busy road, dodging the traffic! Now, we hide the leashes for the dogs so he won’t “walk” them.

In 2014, we bought a whole house alarm system. (This was a direct result of the year of 2013 – the worst year of my life – so far. He had daily paranoia. He had not been diagnosed yet with Alzheimer’s, so we had no clue). There is literally a siren on our roof! Very loud if a door or window is opened when the alarm is set.

Last Sunday night, I was exhausted! Had cleaned house and done laundry all day. Went to bed early. Max, the little black dog, sleeps between Doug and I in the bed. I believe this was maybe the first time since 2014 that I forgot to set the alarm before bed. Next thing I know, my front doorbell is ringing and ringing; at midnight! I jump out of bed, and open the door to two strange men. One of whom is holding Max (the dog) in a blanket! Very confused, I listened as one man introduced himself and said, ”We live in the neighborhood. As we were letting our dog out for the night, we found your husband, lying in our front yard, saying he thought he was having a heart attack. We called an ambulance to take him to the hospital and we’re returning your dog”. 😮 OMG!!

Went to the ER to get him. He did not have a jacket, (it was 39 degrees outside) he had on two different shoes, and no – he didn’t have a heart attack!

I am currently searching for tracking devices (Amazon sells one called Tile) and I will Never forget to set the alarm again! Stay tuned.