Raising my kids, we have had most every kind of pet at one time or another. We’ve had various dogs, a cat, a bird, hamsters, fish, even  bunnies. Once the kids were grown, we were able to choose  what, if any type of pet we wanted.  What I will never understand are people who mistreat or neglect animals. Of Any kind!  A couple who lived across the street from us, got 2 Dalmations when their son was a teenager. They built a pen in the backyard, threw in a doghouse, and the rest is history.  Soon enough, the son lost interest, learned to drive, then  left home. The dogs remained in the pen. I Never saw anyone play with them or take them for a walk. Ever! The couple went out each day to feed them, but until first one dog, and then the other, died,  I never saw any human interaction with them!  By the same notion, breeders, groomers, who cut corners and take puppies to sell that are sick are the scum of the earth!  I recently lost my new puppy to Parvo – a Horrible, contagious disease that affects more puppies than we know! My baby seemed fine.  Bought her, brought her home,  the second night she was very sick!  Vomited all night – when you only weigh 1-2 pounds, it doesn’t take long to be life threatening. On day 4 we took her to the vet (day 3 was New Year’s Day) and he had to put her down.  I can’t swear the person we bought her from knew she was sick,  but as  someone who fell madly in love with this little creature,  watching her being so sick was as cruel to me as it was to her!  I hope there is a special place in Hell for people who neglect / abuse animals. (And children, of course).

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