Dougie – part 1

My husband, since day ONE, has Always put me first. His love, care, and concern has always been for me and our children. He is the most selfless person I have ever known. Having said that, you must know, he is also the most naive person I have ever known. Not his fault. When he was growing up, he was the product of a bitter divorce, and after his father died when he was fourteen,  subsequent poverty. He went to work, to literally feed and clothe himself. Between working and sports, he had no time outside school to “hang around” with the guys. His older brother and sister were grown and gone. There really was no one to “explain” things to him. Plus, in that time, if you learned anything, it was from a film in school, or your friends.  That is the background to how (thanks to his paternal grandmother), this sweet, polite, hard working, good looking, moral, guy came to me with all the attributes a girl wants in a guy; but no “street smarts”. You need to understand his background to appreciate some of the things he has done, and said over the years. Example:  When we were very young (Doug was 23, I was 21), we were stil trying to find out who we were and where we belonged as a couple. We decided to join the country club. We didn’t gamble, but Doug loved golf and we enjoyed the dances and the pool. One night we showed up for game night at the club and they were playing  Bingo.  My sweet guy, in an effort to understand, leaned across me, looked down the length of this long table of about 20 “Country Club”  people and yells, “Is this the same Bingo they play at the Moose Lodge?” Stay tuned.

Queen Mary – the Ship

The first time Doug & I went to California, I fell madly in love! Didn’t want to come home – at all! This was maybe 1976. We rented a car and drove along the coast line just enjoying the scenery. At some point on a beautiful Sunday morning, we ended up in Long Beach and came across the ship, the Queen Mary (not named after me) which is docked there. We went aboard to check it out. Not realizing that this was a hotel, we decided to spend the night. The ship was beautiful! We went in to have brunch. I have never before (or since) seen the amount of food laid out! Most of my adult life, I weighed about 98 pounds, so even though I enjoyed food, I couldn’t eat much. There were about 20 “stations”; large tables set up with an array of a specific type of breakfast food. Each station had a server dressed in formal attire to assist you. Meats, breads, fruits, eggs, desserts, the choices were endless! Seated on a dais, was a woman in a floor length ball gown, playing a harp! After we were seated, a server came and poured champagne into 2 flutes, sitting on our table! It’s 9:30 on a Sunday morning! Oh well, when in Rome.. After we ate as much as we possibly could, we went and toured the ship. The movie, “The Poseidon Adventure” had been filmed on the ship. I had never seen anything as large! It was decorated with the period in mind, but the rooms were beautifully done. We really enjoyed ourselves. The next morning, when we woke up, I opened the little port hole window in our room . The view of the ocean was amazing!  In a burst of sheer happiness, I threw my naked torso out the window  opening, proclaiming, “Good morning, world!” As I was bringing my naked self back in though the window, I happened to look down to see 2 fishermen in a small boat, in the water directly below me, looking up! I came back into the room, embarrassed, and told Doug about the fishermen. He looked at me and said, “Yeah, they probably wondered what that young boy was yelling about”! Stay tuned.

Pet Peeves

As I’ve aged, I’ve “let go” of a lot of things that used to drive me crazy. I realize that pet peeves I used to have had their place in that time of my life. When the kids were young and Had to be somewhere at a certain time, I had major road rage. It used to drive me crazy to have to stand on long lines, wait my turn or  let others go first. With Age, comes some patience. I will always have my lifelong pet peeve-people who mangle,  or misuse the English language. I’ve narrowed my pet peeves down to two current ones. People you run 200-300 page reports on the copier at work, daily, and NEVER replace the paper! Just walk away! Let the next person who needs to make a copy deal with the situation! And, of course, the next person is almost always ME!  But my Number 1, all time peeve  – people who drive in unsafe weather conditions with NO headlights on!  Rain, fog, snow, dusk, Dark, doesn’t matter. I count many, many cars who are oblivious! I’m sure I notice this more since my car wreck, but seriously! Every time I see someone without their headlights on, I just want to make them pull over so I can A. Slap them silly or B. Take their car keys away until they learn how to drive properly!  Just yesterday, I passed a State Trooper with no headlights on! Come on, people! If it is 4:30 on a cloudy, January day, it’s DARK! Turn your lights on! Old people can’t see you! (Sorry, Mac.) Stay tuned.

Thanksgiving, Part 2

I am thankful for my family and my friends. Especially the last few years, you have shown your love and support to me and I love you for it!  But I find myself being thankful for little things. I am thankful for clean, fresh, running water. I am thankful for heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. I am thankful for enough food to eat. I am thankful for dishwashers. I am thankful for wi-fi. Wait, I think I’m getting off track. Well, maybe not. Stay tuned.


This weekend is all about giving thanks for our blessings. I think. I thought it started with pilgrims and Indians and food. Anyway, it has evolved into being thankful for family, friends…oh, and shopping! We must not forget shopping! I must tell you, there is not enough money, in this World, to tempt me into Black Friday activity! Yes, I’m old and there is a real possibility that in the rush of a crowd, I could fall and break a hip; but more than that is the Parking! Parking was invented by the Devil! Since I have a handicap sticker on my vehicle, you would think that parking would not be a problem! Ha! Forget about it! Everybody has a handicap sticker! This time of year, I always end up parking in little Egypt. By the time I get into a store, I’m too tired to shop! Agree? Stay tuned.

Background 2

It may be lack of sleep or my selective memory, but in my list of main characters, I forgot to list my mother, Sarah! Sorry, Mom! Sarah turns 89 yrs old Today. She lives in a nursing home and even though she has dementia, she still gives ’em hell! I have many Sarah stories, so I want her to be familiar to you. Happy Birthday, Sarie! Love you


Sunday is like an “extra” day in the week for me. Monday through Friday belong to my employer. Saturday is spent doing laundry, running errands, watching our “shows” we have taped during the week (because we go to bed week nights between 7:30 and 8:00) – (because we don’t sleep well @ night -are you new to my blog?) and cooking dinner. Saturday always feels like a “make-up” day. Sunday is very laid back. Winter Sunday mornings I cook a big breakfast, followed many times, by a nap. Wake up in time to watch “Howie & the boys” and then Football! Depending on the game(s), my sister will crochet, and yell – I will check out Facebook, and yell. Doug watches, but doesn’t yell as much as we do! We, of course, have our favorite teams, but will watch Any team, All day, as long as they are playing. Sundays are fires in the fireplace, dinner in the crockpot, (sometimes) hot tub soaks, and early to bed. (Just read my first blog!) Stay tuned.