Getting old is a Bitch!

I am Still trying to come to grips with the fact that I am 6 months past my 65th birthday. What the Hell? I remember when my Grandmother (who lived with us) was 65! She wore house dresses with aprons, heavy, flat rubber soled shoes; went to the beauty shop once a week and church every Sunday.

Nowadays, some people my age (like myself), still work a full time job. We struggle with   1. Health issues that, pretty much, just popped up recently  2. New technology – iPhone 6 or wait for 7 ?    3. Remembering birthdays, phone numbers, doctors and dentist appointments.

Most of the television commercials are geared to our age. Bands that we used to rock out to (seems like not that long ago) are sending their members to hospitals for breaking their hips climbing off the tour buses. We can’t understand the appeal of Kayne West or Taylor Swift. We don’t know, or care what “bae” means or who the new host is on The View.

While we try to stay active and involved, the temptation to go to our homes and “hermit” is very real. Especially in this election year. Don’t get me started! They tell me that I should live another twenty years. I believe the only hope we have is if we are living in the last days. If not, I may have to acquire a taste for cat food and lukewarm showers. Stay tuned.

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