I have agonized over whether to blog about this or not. I love my husband, deeply. We have been married for 47 years. But I can see that I am going to need an outlet – just for me! Since I believe only 2-3 people follow my blog, I’m not that concerned about his privacy. I will need to vent, on occasion. I have some truly wonderful friends, but, let’s face it. I can not, in good conscience, burden them with this. So – here goes.

My sweet, handsome, loyal, loving husband (who, just this month turned 67 years old) has early on-set Dementia. He has probably had it for about 3 years now. But he is also a diabetic and his sugar has been through the roof, so different things have presented themselves over this time period. It is only recently that we got a firm diagnosis.

He is seeing a neurologist who, on the first appointment, ordered a cat scan to rule out tumors, small strokes, etc. None of that was the case, but Doug didn’t do well on the verbal test. He got the date wrong. Didn’t know the President’s name (Doug can’t stand him and didn’t vote for him, so, no surprise to me that he forgot his name!)

He is on medication that lets him sleep well and helps control his paranoia. Oh, the stories I could tell about that!  Think, Robin Williams. I have read a lot about his particular type of dementia and see similarities to Doug’s. I pray my husband will not end up as Robin did. I will do my very best to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Stay tuned;  if you want. This will be quite the journey!


6 thoughts on “Dougie”

  1. What a beautiful beginning to your sharing of this painful journey. You are brave, caring, a good friend, and even though Doug, may not always believe it, the best wife he could ever dream of having. Just remember, I am a good listener and I care deeply for both of you! (My illness goes not mean I can’t or won’t listen.). Love you!

    Sent from my iPad Judy Whitson


  2. I think, I’ve read and enjoyed all your posts – even this one. The love you show Doug especially knowing the twists and turns of this path is, dare I say it, inspirational. I don’t use the term lightly, I know if I had the same diagnosis my husband Pete would do his best to care for me, I’m not sure he would be as lucky!

    On the other hand, I read your post “Keys” tonight and that is a constant battle around our house, so maybe I could deal with it all!

    I’m not in Kentucky and don’t get there often enough but you and Doug are both in my thoughts and prayers. Keep smiling!

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