It’s the Same Thing All Over Again

So, this morning was hair day. It’s also Wednesday. Wednesday is my busiest day at work. I mean, I have to Work, all Day, on Wednesdays. I shower every day, but only shampoo my hair twice a week – three times, if I have a wedding to go to. So, I get in the shower, turn the water on, get myself good and wet, and reach for the shampoo. Wait. Where is the shampoo? What? Oh, there it is! No, wait – this says conditioner. Shit! Now, I remember! Last time it was hair day, I took my shampoo to the guest bath, (which is Doug’s) so I wouldn’t wake him (the Master), by using the shower in the Master bath. (Which my sister and I share). So – to recap – my shampoo is in the other shower, I am soaking wet, and everyone else is asleep! Great!

Okay. Let’s make a plan. My sister shampoos the dogs in this tub. Their shampoo is in a basket on the back of the toilet in this room. I can reach that! Pretty sure I have a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo in there. Don’t want to get soap in the little doggies’ eyes. Okay, let’s see. Yep. Here it is! Johnson’s Baby Bath Wash. What? That’s not shampoo! What else is in this basket? Flea and Tick Shampoo? I don’t think so.

Looking around the tub itself, we have bar soap (Irish Sping-Love the smell!), Pantene Conditioner and Zest Body Wash. Okay, here goes! Used the Body Wash and the the Conditioner on my hair and the bar soap on my body. I must tell you, the Body Wash smelled amazing, but took a long time to rinse out. Got out, troweled off, dried/ styled my hair. Felted really clean. Went to work.

As it was Wednesday, did not notice my appearance until almost lunch time. Had  several people comment on my hair. Went to ladies room and looked in the mirror. My hair was shinny, full, Beautiful!

Will probably alternate shampoo and body wash from now on! Just sayin’.

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