Sunday in Mexico

Unlike the dismil weather report, Sunday dawned with bright sunlight and very warm temperatures! We were excited to start our day! The breakfast buffet was awesome! We changed into swimsuits and headed to one of the six pools on the property. I applied sunscreen to my very white skin. We settled back on lounges and listened while a Mexican band played poolside. A waiter came by and after taking our drink order, offered us fruit. I said yes to a large toothpick with pineapple, honeydew, watermelon, and cantaloupe on it. Delicious! Lying back, in the warm sun, enjoying the music, Ah! Vacation!
Wait a minute – What? Ow! What? My lips are swelling! Ow! No, really! Swelling and burning! Like twice the size of Angelina Jolie’s! What is happening?
Within an hour, my hands, arms and face were red and swollen. Basically, everywhere I had put sunscreen was on Fire! Was I allergic to the sunscreen? This was a brand I had never bought before. At any rate, I was hurting and the longer we stayed out there, the worst I felt! I moved to the shade and was still hurting, but bearable. Doug got to lay out and enjoy the sun. We showered(a cool shower for me), and went to dinner. Super Bowl? Forget it! When we went to bed, I slept solid until 12:30 when I awoke with Horrible pain in my arms and hands! This was not like sunburn pain – this was tissue deep pain. I lied awake until sunrise. We dressed, went to breakfast, and then to the store on the property. We bought me a hat, long sleeved shirt, and gel to put on my skin. Monday, we toured the property. The pictures I took and posted to FaceBook where from the 9th floor. Beautiful!
We decided to go back to the pool. If I stayed in the shade, or kept my skin wet, I could stand to be outside. We passed a pleasant day, eating lunch at the outside bar (in the shade) and enjoying drinks. The alcohol actually helped my condition (imagine!). Monday night when I payed down, my face was absolutely on Fire! I was trying not to cry. I payed there, hurting until almost 1:00 in the morning when I finally fell asleep.
Won’t bore you with more of this except to say – Tuesday was no better and by Tuesday night, I was afraid I would have to go to the Hospital. But Wait! I can’t go to a Mexican Hospital! Are you kidding? So I suffered on! I had looked up my symptoms on Web MD and decided that I had sun poisoning. I have been sunburned in my life, but never Anything like this!
Wednesday, when we woke up, it was Raining! Yay! We stayed in the room, all day, watching movies and ordering room service. I did not look any better, but Wednesday was the first day that I was not in horrible pain!
Thursday, we got up and made our way Home! It wasn’t until we were at the airport, in conversation with another passenger, whose husband was a Doctor, that she happened to ask me, was I taking an antibiotic? Light Bulb Moment! Hello! I had been fighting a sinus infection for over two weeks and, yes, I had been taking Major antibiotics! My sinuses were Great! My skin? Not so much!
Today is Friday. We are back home, thank God! I went to my doctor today and got a cortisone shot. Hopefully, I’ll feel better. In the meantime, Doug and I have decided to retire our passports. If we go on vacation again, A. I won’t tell anyone and B. It will be in the United States. Stayed tuned.

3 thoughts on “Sunday in Mexico”

  1. Having read the entire saga, it is good that you can put a positive spin on the episode. The whole car rental business just sounds like “Mexico,” but the allergic reaction is really a bummer. RE: the “just Mexico” – I have learned that in poor countries – Jamaica (never again), Mexico, Belize etc… the only way to visit is through an exclusive resort that is handling all your off-site rentals, bookings, excursions etc. They know who to deal with and will back-up their service. I had one day-stop off a cruise in Mexico and I will never set foot in the country again except by accident – (same for Jamaica – which was WORSE.)

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