Mexico – Part 3 – Still Saturday

The rental car driver lets us off in front of the airport and unloads our luggage. My “free” ride to the hotel has long gone. The only other form of transportation was a taxi. The taxi wanted $80 to drive us to the hotel because gas is so high in Mexico. Doug got him down to $40 and I was too tired to argue. We climbed into another van and off we went. By now it’s getting dark and we have been travelling for 12 hours. We drive about ten miles and the driver says he must pull over and get in with “headquarters”. This will only take a minute. He pulls up in a run down establishment that looks part convenient store/warehouse and stops the van. He returns within a couple of minutes and opens our door, saying we need to take the smaller taxi. Once again, me, Doug, and our luggage was swapped to a much smaller car. When the driver opens the back door to let me in, I hesitated for a long time. The interior of the car looked like 20 cats had been locked in there for quite a while. Needless to say, the upholstery was torn to shreds! I finally got in; not seeing any other options! Doug and I are in the backseat and our driver takes off. It is now pitch dark. We drive and drive. Our driver says not a word! We pass out of the city to a very dark 2 lane road that is surrounded by mangroves and dense foliage. We travel for 30 minutes until Doug asks the driver, “Do you know how long it will take to get to our hotel? ” his reply? “Yes”.
That’s it! That’s the only word he spoke to us the entire trip! The longer we rode, the more nervous Doug and I became! I read Stephan King, I listen to the news! I am positive this is Not going to end well! I am picturing this guy pulling over to the side of the rode and robbing/killing us. The is no one around to help us. Doug and I exchange a long look. I know he is thinking the same thing I am. Just as Doug opens his mouth (to scream, question,?), we go around a curve and there it is! Our Hotel! It’s Beautiful! Yay! We can’t believe it!
The driver lets us out. We go into this wonderful place and check in. Our room is on the main floor (there are nine floors – over 450 rooms!) We are shown to our room. It’s 8:00! We are starved and exhausted! We ordered a cheeseburger via room service and inhaled it! Climbing into the big, comfortable King sized bed, I checked the weather report for the rest of the week as Doug was falling asleep. Weather Report? 60% chance of Thunderstorms for the next six days! Well, F_ _k it! And Goodnight!

One thought on “Mexico – Part 3 – Still Saturday”

  1. I am so thankful that you are safe. What a scary event. So glad you are in a beautiful place, safe, and cheeseburgers are good! Remember even rain in Cancun is better than rain at work!

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