Mexico, 2015 – Part 1

I am nothing, if not honest. If I write about it here, it is the Truth.

Okay, so let’s face it. Part (most), of the fun of taking a Big vacation (Big- includes words like airplanes, cruises, Grand Tetons, the word Florida), is being able to brag about the trip to friends, co-workers, family, FaceBook friends. You know, everyone who will be envious that you are going and they are not! And never mind the preceived cost or length of the trip, if you are going on a trip in the dead of winter, to a place Known for warm, sunny, tropical weather? Get Out! Even as they wish you well. You Know the envy they are feeling. So, let’s be honest, even if you Do deserve such a trip, can afford such a trip, you leave on that first morning, with the knowledge that, for the following week (two, whatever), everyone you know will be wishing they could be YOU!

DON’T !!!!!!  I repeat – DON’T !!!!!!!  Do not Ever wish you were Me or my Husband or be anywhere we might be! You must trust me when I tell you that, wherever you are, right now, whatever you may be doing,  I ENVY YOU!!!

I planned our February trip to Cancun because A. The price was right and B. It’s warm, and tropical! Weather was forecast for 82 degrees everyday and our hotel is one of several sitting practically IN the ocean!


Doug doesn’t like long flights, so to pacify him, I bought a couple of DVD movies and brought along my sister’s portable DVD player. I was up, packed, and in the car by 6:08 a.m. for our 9:20 flight out of Nashville. We made good time, scored a wheelchair, was escorted all the way to our gate. Plane was on time; Dallas would also have a chair waiting for me. Nice take off, after de-icing (?) the plane. A two hour flight, I took a small nap and when I woke asked Doug did he want to watch a movie. Sure. Got all the equipment out necessary to watch; DVD player, movie, remote, two pairs of headphones. I have not fooled with this DVD player in a year or so. I had forgotten where the on/off switch was. Had to locate where to plug in 2 sets of headphones. After I started the movie, there was no sound, so removed the batteries from the remote and adjusted them. Ah, sound! Just as the opening credits to the movie were playing, the captain came on the loudspeaker, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are started our descent into Dallas airport. Please put away all your portable devices, make sure your tray table…blah, blah.” Doug and I looked at each other and laughed and laughed! It’s a good thing! This would be the last laugh we would share for a Long time.

Stay tuned!

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