Well, I tried.

I just want to say that I hate “nice people”. Well, Hate is a strong word, but I really don’t Like nice people. I don’t understand them. It seems like they have an ulterior motive – but I never know what it is! I can’t think like they do, therefore I really don’t really trust them!

Example today:   I got a Disconnect notice from BGMU (our electric company), for, get ready,…….$6.41!  Yes, you read that correctly. Six dollars and forty-one cents. Those of you who know me well, and for those who follow this blog (see Brian’s Shoes), know that to piss me off – it’s not a good thing! I like revenge (when I can get it) and I Love to make a point! So on my lunch hour, I hand delivered 641 Pennies to BGMU! I parked my car, used my cane to limp into the building, carrying my large Manila envelope of pennies.

There were two cashiers taking payments. One was busy with a customer. That left me with Ms. Brown Hair. Dressed nicely, smile on her face – “How may I help you today?”  Oh, Boy!  Here we go!

Me:  “Well, I was sent this Disconnect Notice, so I left work early on my lunch hour so I could get here to pay you!” (Handed her the Notice with $6.41 highlighted in Orange).

Ms. Brown Hair:  “Oh, no, Honey. They would Never disconnect your service for that small amount of money!)

Me:  “Then Why would they send me such a Notice?”

Ms. Brown Hair:  “Those are automatically sent Anytime there is a balance due; regardless. But they absolutely would Not disconnect you for that!”

Me:  “Well, I came to pay you what I owe. Sorry, I didn’t have time to roll these. I had to work this morning.” (Handed her the large envelope and watched while she spilled out 641 pennies.)

Ms. Brown Hair:  “I’ll just be a minute.” (As she turns and goes to the drawer where the coin roll papers are.)

I stand for maybe 2 minutes. She turns to me and says –

“Are you sure there is $6.41 in this envelope?”

Me:  “Give or take a couple of pennies.”

Ms. Brown Hair:  “Well honey, I don’t want you to have to stand there and wait while I count all these. I know you are on your lunch hour. I’ll just mail you a receipt, okay? That way you don’t have to stand and wait on me, okay?”

Well, what in the Hell am I supposed to say to that??? I spent all morning gathering 641 pennies, just to Prove a Point and show someone How it Feels to be Put Out and Aggravated and This is what I Get?  A Nice Lady!

Well now-  isn’t that Special?

4 thoughts on “Well, I tried.”

  1. This is the best ever( I think I say this after every new entry)! I laughed until tears are rolling down my face.

    Sent from my iPad Judy Whitson


  2. Obviously, that woman has been to the “Kill them with Kindness” Employee Training Seminar. I don’t know how she kept a straight face.

    I, however, have done something similar. Nothing infuriates a pissed off person more than someone being nice. I made this woman angry in a drive-thru one day and I tried to apologize and she was having none of it, so I paid for her order (she was in the car behind me.)

    I laughed maniacally all the way home. I got her! She wanted to be mad and now she couldn’t be!

    Better luck next time.

  3. I know don’t you hate it when you are all geared up to let them have it and they turn out to be nice. The problem with the world is that we are not used to nice people anymore cause we are the only nice ones!

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