Ah, Christmas.

Yes, I believe in Jesus. Yes, I’ve been saved. Yes, I know and believe in the true meaning of this Holiday. Does this occasion wear my ass out? Uh, yeah! You, too? I thought it was bad when I had small children. Forget it! My life is so very chaotic, that to throw a Major Holiday in the middle of my mess, is a recipe for disaster!
I am proposing that we combine a couple of Holidays together. Why can’t we celebrate the Easter weekend with Christmas? His birth, His life, His death, His Resurrection?
I enjoy the music at this time of year. Although, has anyone recorded any new songs since Burl Ives? I thought not. I believe you can only enjoy so many children’s programs, parties and relative’s visits and the new wears off quickly. And don’t get me started on presents! Between the traffic, parking, and crowds in the stores, people generally are Not nice this time of year! Then, you have NO idea what to get anyone as a gift! If you are around my age, you have everything you want, need. If you are the age of my adult children, you have so many needs; where to start? If you are a teenager or older child, forget it! I don’t even know what language you are speaking! I have no babies anymore, so that’s out.
I know it’s my age talking, but the hassle of decorating, cooking, shopping, wrapping, mailing cards, and keeping the house clean for visitors wears me out!
It is with a huge sigh of relief that I say goodbye to this Holiday. I survived one more year! But no, it’s not over yet. All the decorations still have to be put away. I’ve had Christmas gifts, tissue, bags and wrapping paper riding around in my car for over a month. So That needs to be cleaned out. I’m still farming out, freezing, and / or throwing out leftovers from dinners.
I remember when the kids were little and I was always so tired this time of year. I told myself that once they were grown, this Season would get easier. Wrong! Ah, don’t mind me – I’m just terribly jealous of my brother and sister in laws who have escaped this whole thing and
run to Florida to swim in their pools, drink margaritas, and grill steaks outside!
I wish for the New Year another chance to try to get an earlier, better handle on the December birthday of our Lord. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Ah, Christmas.”

  1. Funny post. I feel much the same way. Christmas was a bit overwhelming this year. May I suggest that you “celebrate” Christmas with your family at Thanksgiving – I call it “Thanksmas” then head out for a destination on the actual holiday? I think your sister has the right idea.

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