Eye Doctor

I’d been going to the same eye doctor for years. Local guy. He doesn’t remember it, but we even rode the school bus together in grade school.  I only go to the eye doctor every couple of years, maybe three. I know when my eyes change or not. Over the years I had developed an astigmatism in each eye.  Anyway, it had been a couple of years so I go in to see Dr. He’s a big talker; big story teller. An hours’ appointment can take Forever. So, he examines my eyes, says, “It’s the strangest thing!”  “What’s wrong?” I asked.  “Well, the astigmatism in your eyes is GONE!” “What do you mean, Gone?  Where did they go?” He says, “I don’t KNOW!” he says, “But they’re Gone!”

Okay, he writes me a new prescription, I take it to LensCrafters in the Mall. I come back an hour later, pick up my new glasses, and start to leave. I walk out into the Mall, and immediately grab hold of the wall! I can’t see anything! I look to other people like I am punch drunk! I make my way Back into LensCrafters and tell them I want my old glasses back!  “Sorry, we asked if you wanted to keep your old lenses, and you said, no.” They said I had to go back to Dr. and get him to rewrite the prescription. I don’t know how I drove home.

The next day, I called Dr.  He said it was going to be the next day before I could see him again. I go back in, what, Day 3, and tell the Dr. about my problem. He examines my eyes again and says, “I can’t Believe it!”

“What is it?” I asked. “They’ve come Back!” “What is back?”, I asked. “The astigmatism! It’s come BACK!” “In 3 days? Where did it come from?” I asked. “I don’t know – but it’s Back!” He wrote me another prescription that I took to LensCrafters. When I told the guy at LensCrafters what the Dr. had said about my astigmatism, he laughed until he had tears in his eyes! He said he was not going to charge me for these new glasses, since we didn’t know where my astigmatism came back from! Needless to say, I haven’t been back to that  eye doctor! Stay tuned

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