Dougie part 2

I told you that my sweet husband has always been more than a little naive. (see Dougie part 1).  As we raised our children and built our lives together, we never really sat down and had a discussion about everything we knew about every subject. I mean, we were  both fairly well read and educated, so you assume things, you know?

I had known that Doug didn’t care for gay people. Talk of them made him uneasy, but, we didn’t visit the subject very often; plus he has an openly gay first cousin, so who knows? We are busy people, in our mid-thirties, trying to raise children and make a living.  So one night, we are going out to dinner with friends. Doug and I are in the back seat of the car. For whatever reason, the conversation turned to homosexuals. Doug says, “I’ll tell you one thing. right now. If I was a homosexual, I’d get me a calendar and I’d mark it down when it was supposed to be my turn. I wouldn’t let ’em get me over a barrel when  it wasn’t my turn!” I thought for sure John would wreck the car, he was laughing so hard! To this day, I haven’t been able to fully convince Doug that that is the way “they” like it! Stay tuned.

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