This weekend is all about giving thanks for our blessings. I think. I thought it started with pilgrims and Indians and food. Anyway, it has evolved into being thankful for family, friends…oh, and shopping! We must not forget shopping! I must tell you, there is not enough money, in this World, to tempt me into Black Friday activity! Yes, I’m old and there is a real possibility that in the rush of a crowd, I could fall and break a hip; but more than that is the Parking! Parking was invented by the Devil! Since I have a handicap sticker on my vehicle, you would think that parking would not be a problem! Ha! Forget about it! Everybody has a handicap sticker! This time of year, I always end up parking in little Egypt. By the time I get into a store, I’m too tired to shop! Agree? Stay tuned.

Background 2

It may be lack of sleep or my selective memory, but in my list of main characters, I forgot to list my mother, Sarah! Sorry, Mom! Sarah turns 89 yrs old Today. She lives in a nursing home and even though she has dementia, she still gives ’em hell! I have many Sarah stories, so I want her to be familiar to you. Happy Birthday, Sarie! Love you


Sunday is like an “extra” day in the week for me. Monday through Friday belong to my employer. Saturday is spent doing laundry, running errands, watching our “shows” we have taped during the week (because we go to bed week nights between 7:30 and 8:00) – (because we don’t sleep well @ night -are you new to my blog?) and cooking dinner. Saturday always feels like a “make-up” day. Sunday is very laid back. Winter Sunday mornings I cook a big breakfast, followed many times, by a nap. Wake up in time to watch “Howie & the boys” and then Football! Depending on the game(s), my sister will crochet, and yell – I will check out Facebook, and yell. Doug watches, but doesn’t yell as much as we do! We, of course, have our favorite teams, but will watch Any team, All day, as long as they are playing. Sundays are fires in the fireplace, dinner in the crockpot, (sometimes) hot tub soaks, and early to bed. (Just read my first blog!) Stay tuned.

December 1

Just looked at all the pictures on Facebook of my friends who spent the weekend putting up their Christmas trees and decorating their homes for Christmas. Our answer to that – our tree Stays up – 365. No, I’m not particularly proud of that fact. But it is, what it is. It started 2 years ago with an argument that Doug and I had. (Okay here is where you need to know that we are Hoaders. Not the dirty kind on t.v. My house is clean. Just don’t look in my closets. Forget about the garage. And, oh yeah, the living room could use some attention). Anyway, two years ago, Christmas was over, time to take down the artificial tree (Big Lots, year before, after Christmas price of $19.99-thank you) and Doug says “Where you going to put that tree?” Uh, I’m thinking the garage? “No, no! You’re Not putting that in My garage!” Ok, put it in the shed. (We have two). “No, no! You’re Not putting that in My shed!”
(Why does he keep saying “You’re”?). Ok, Doug, where do You want to put the Christmas tree? “I don’t know, but neither of those places!” So we moved the tree from in front of the living room window to the corner of the dining room. A distance of about 6-7 feet – as the crow flys. You can’t see it when you drive by my house, but the minute you walk in my front door, look to your left, There is a Christmas tree! A little un-nerving in the middle of July, but…there ya go! So now it’s time to slide the tree back! Stay tuned.

Christmas Trees 1

I have one Million funny (?) Christmas tree stories. This one is for Amber. Every year, we Had to have a live tree to decorate. Doug refused to pay the prices they asked, so instead of getting a live, cut tree, we would pay extra (?) to get one with roots so it could be replanted after the Holiday. One year, Doug was either sick or in a “mood”, I don’t remember which, but come time to go buy the tree, he was unavailable. So Brian & I take off to Dude’s to buy the tree. The ones with he root ball are extremely heavy! With a lot of help from the guys on the lot, we managed to get this sucker in the van, and on our way home. Our across the street neighbors and friends (to protect their privacy, I’ll call them Steve & Sandy) were witness to the next part of my story. Brian & I wrestled with this tree, getting it out of the van & dragging it up the sidewalk. We made it as far as the front porch, and tried to get it in the galvanized bucket to take in the house. Would Not go! (Of course not). So we struggled with this tree for a good 30 – 45 minutes. Hearing the commotion, sick or moody Doug comes out on the front porch, tells us to get out of the way, and proceeds to take his chainsaw to the root ball of the tree! At this point, we took our live, fresh CUT tree into the house to decorate it! Gotta love Christmas at my house! Stay tuned.

This Time Of Year

The people who live in my house, (Doug, Kathleen, me) don’t go to church. We all have in the past. We all love Jesus, we’ve all been baptized, we all pray – every day. But for different and various reasons, we don’t go to church. What very few people know about me is how much I love church music! Yes, hymns, Christmas music, but I LOVE Gospel music! Good, old fashioned, Gospel music. I was born & lived my first 10 yrs in Nashville. Can’t Stand country music! My uncle, by marriage, was Neal Matthews, singer with the Jordanaires. Yes, they were Elvis’s back up singers for a time, but it’s their gospel songs I love! My grandmother, (who lived with us when I was growing up), and I would watch the Jake Hess Gospel Show every weekday. Oh, the Blackwoods Bros., the Spear Family, the Oak Ridge Boys, Bill Gaither. But, my all time favorites are the Cathedrals. I think I have every song they ever recorded. I love their sound – I have to confess; the man who sang bass for them, George Youst,  reminds me so much of my daddy,  it’s unreal!
My daddy sang bass in the our church choir. He almost never missed a Sunday. He Loved that choir and my daddy was a man of very few pleasures! He Loved to read (!) and he loved to sing. He was a very hard working man, so he didn’t have a lot of free time. but he would wander through the house, singing. All the time. Hymns, mostly. He’s been gone a long time now, but Every time I listen to the Cathedrals, I can hear my daddy’s voice through their songs.

Christmas Trees 2

So one year in particular, we worked especially hard at decorating the tree. Lorie was middle school (?) age or so, Brian would have been 4 or 5. Anyway, we spent ALL day Sunday decorating the tree. This was a live, cut tree in a tree stand. ****Note – what I stated in Christmas Tress 1 is correct. Doug did refuse to pay for live, cut trees. But this was only After Lorie left home. In our house, if Lorie wanted it, it happened!**** by the time we went to bed that night, this tree could have been featured on the Cover of Martha Stewart Living! Seriously! It was perfect from all sides! The next day, I woke up, started down the hallway; could see Lorie at the kitchen table, eating cereal. Very calm. Monday morning. I walked into the den to see if she had turned the Tree lights on….IT IS LYING IN THE FLOOR!!! My Beautiful, Martha Stewart Tree, is on it’s side – In The FLOOR!!! I looked at Lorie and started screaming, “Did you see the Tree had fallen to the floor?” She looked up, very nonchalant, and said, “Yeah” (shoulder shrug). “Why didn’t you Say anything, why didn’t you come Get me? All those hours we spent on this tree! Oh My God! DOUGGG!!!!” I was standing in the kitchen with Lorie. I remember there was a knife on the table. I picked it up and RAN down the hall, jumped on top of Doug, (who was waking up) and went through my tirade again. He calmed me down, (which has Always been his job!) took the knife, and proceeded to pick the Tree up off the floor. He found a length of ski rope, tired it to the tree and nailed it to the floor! Of course, the stand had been too small to hold the Tree, but hey! We got it on sale! Stay tuned

Passwords – Really?

I am trying sooo hard to keep up with technology! Seriously. At my age, I shouldn’t have to contend with anything more complicated than the T.V. remote. I have tried my best; I work with 20 year olds. That helps. When I had been at my job for one year, I was facing my annual review and one of the questions asked was,”What one thing have you accomplished this year that you are proudest of?” My answer? “I learned to copy and paste”!  I had a Kindle Fire that I thought was the greatest thing since sliced bread! So many books – so little time! Then I upgraded to the iPad Mini. Oh, my God! Probably the most wonderful invention, Ever!  I am addicted to Facebook, play a few games, obviously, have a Blog.  But the fly in the ointment is and has always been – Passwords.  Why are these things necessary? Please explain this to me. Computers are hacked, ALL the time, even though we constantly change our passwords! I saw the following on, (where else?) Facebook, after asking you to change your password.  “Sorry, your password must contain a capital letter, two numbers, a symbol, an inspiring message, a spell, a gang sign, a hieroglyphic and the blood of a virgin.” Sound familiar? But my main gripe is the “Security Question” that I am always asked and I can NEVER remember! Father’s first name? Mother’s maiden name? Name of first pet? Name of first grade teacher? Name of favorite town?  Did I answer these questions honestly – or was I in a mood that day and just wrote random answers? DId I give the name of my first pet or my Favorite pet? Did I give my Mother’s maiden name or her first name?  I recently made an executive decision. Regardless of what Steve Jobs or his successor or the “experts” warn – I am using the same word as the answer to EVERY security qustion I am asked!  Favorite pet? Blackbird. Father’s first name? Blackbird . Name of favorite town? Blackbird. What can they hack from me, anyway? I have all my “stuff ” saved on an external hard drive (told you I was a Techie-LOL). I HAVE to make my life easier, any way I can! Stay tuned.


imageSo, to recap; we lost our beloved Shih Tzu, Trixie, that we had for 17 years. This happened on Thursday night, December 27. Friday morning, I had to somehow go to work and be productive (?) That next Monday, I brought home the sweetest, cutest puppy I have Ever seen! We named her, Little Lady. She got sick Tuesday night, Wednesday was New Years Day, so when we took her to the vet on Thursday, that deadly bitch, Parvo, had claimed her, and the vet put her to sleep. Again, one week later, I had to go to work on Friday, after losing a dog on Thursday night! Can you say “Groundhog Day”?  I was a mess! While I was trying to get through the day, Doug went back to the place where I had bought the puppy to tell her what happened. While he was there, a lady came in with 2 dogs whose human mother had died. She was trying to find another home for them. Well, there stands Doug! While I’m at work, just trying to make it through the day, he is bringing, not one, but two Dogs home! I came in that afternoon to utter chaos! Both dogs were Shih Tzus, both older, both Male. We’ve never had a male dog! The 4 yr old was hyper! The 2 yr old was quieter. I couldn’t deal, so I went to my bedroom and shut the door on the whole mess! The next day, we decided to keep the 2 yr old quieter dog. Doug the other one to the shelter.  MAX is black with one little white patch on his chest! He has a sweet disposition, but is skittish and easily frightened. He LOVES Doug! Follows him, every step he takes! He is a loving dog, that I believe, once he settles in and gets comfortable in the house will make a wonderful pet! Having said that – he’s a Boy! Lifts his leg about every few feet! Obviously, not house trained. Something we will address soon!  Have made arrangements next week to have him microchipped, “fixed” and brought up to date on his shots.  Stay tuned.


Raising my kids, we have had most every kind of pet at one time or another. We’ve had various dogs, a cat, a bird, hamsters, fish, even  bunnies. Once the kids were grown, we were able to choose  what, if any type of pet we wanted.  What I will never understand are people who mistreat or neglect animals. Of Any kind!  A couple who lived across the street from us, got 2 Dalmations when their son was a teenager. They built a pen in the backyard, threw in a doghouse, and the rest is history.  Soon enough, the son lost interest, learned to drive, then  left home. The dogs remained in the pen. I Never saw anyone play with them or take them for a walk. Ever! The couple went out each day to feed them, but until first one dog, and then the other, died,  I never saw any human interaction with them!  By the same notion, breeders, groomers, who cut corners and take puppies to sell that are sick are the scum of the earth!  I recently lost my new puppy to Parvo – a Horrible, contagious disease that affects more puppies than we know! My baby seemed fine.  Bought her, brought her home,  the second night she was very sick!  Vomited all night – when you only weigh 1-2 pounds, it doesn’t take long to be life threatening. On day 4 we took her to the vet (day 3 was New Year’s Day) and he had to put her down.  I can’t swear the person we bought her from knew she was sick,  but as  someone who fell madly in love with this little creature,  watching her being so sick was as cruel to me as it was to her!  I hope there is a special place in Hell for people who neglect / abuse animals. (And children, of course).