The Police call me Marsha

I believe everyone has,  at  the very least, One other side. You have the side you show to the public, and the “Other Side.” Mine is named Marsha. The Police named her, not me. Doug and I dated almost a year before we married. I say “dated”.  As I remember it, we mostly fought. I remember coming home from almost every date Mad about something.  Basically, it was a battle of wills. He usually won.  One night, we went out and had a pretty good time.  As my friend Mac would say, and then the fight started! We had gone to a party and things went south. Doug left the room to get more beer and I decided I had had Enough! I decided I would show him! I would walk home!   (a distance of about a mile)   Of course, I’m mad, half drunk,  and not About to tell him I’m leaving!  The weather was nice, the walk was okay. I figured he would call me in the morning and apologize.  Uh, no! The next thing I know, I’m walking in front of McNeill Elem School and a police car comes screeching into the parking lot, siren going, lights blazing! I have no idea what’s going on, but I duck behind one of the the bushes in the yard. Two police officers jump out of their squad car and shine their flashlights on the bushes I’m hiding behind! One of them starts yelling, “Marsha? Marsha, come out from behind the bush. Marsha, it will be okay. Come out and face us!” Okay, wrong name, but they basically had me! I came out from behind the bush where I had been hiding, to see two policemen and Doug, standing beside one of the police cars. The police  drove me home, with Doug following.  Once home, Doug said, “I’m sorry! I was so worried about you! I didn’t know where you went, or how to find you!” (Remember; this is 1968 – there is no cell phone!) We eventually made up, and the rest is history.  But, to this day – anytime I am feeling vulnerable, or lost, or not able to face what has to be  faced, Doug says to be me, “Don’t be a Marsha.  Hang in there. It’ll be okay. Face your fears. I’m with you.” God, I LOVE this Man! Stay tuned.

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