“Steve and Sandy”

We have really good friends that we have known Forever! To protect their privacy, I’ll call them “Steve and Sandy”. Doug and Steve grew up in the same neighborhood. I’ve known Sandy since high school. Sandy and I have the same “weird-o” sense of humor. We are both readers and love to people watch. The four of us have been great friends for a long time. We had daughters about the same ages, so we spent a lot of weekends and vacations together! Many, many memories! I’ll share some of the highlights. One day, we thought it would be fun to go to the Grand Old Opry. This was when it was held at Opryland, not the Rhyman Auditorium. I was born in Nashville and have a nodding acquaintance with Country music and the “stars”. Not so, the other 3 people I was with. We found our seats, they lowered the lights and 15 minutes into the show, Doug and Steve both  sound asleep and snoring! Sandy, bless her heart, tried to stay with the program, but was really struggling with who the performers were. As each person came out on the stage, she would ask me, “Who’s that? ” Even as I named the performer, I could tell, she didn’t have a clue! Finally, it dawned on me; a way to help her realize who was on stage – Commercials!  As Jimmy Dean came on, I told her,  sausage.  When we woke the guys up at the end of the show and left,  she said she enjoyed the show, but never asked to go again! Stay tuned.

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