I really don’t like snow! I am so grateful I wasn’t born in Minnesota! Over the years, I tried to enjoy snow related activities. We have been skiing a few times. Gatlinburg and Paoli. I never got off the bunny trail.  We’ve been sledding down Hospital Hill with the kids.  Helped the kids build snowmen. The problem is – it’s COLD! I know; I put on layers, etc. Doesn’t matter! There’s wind and snow and sometimes ice. Not enjoyable to me! I see advertisements for The Opryland Hotel’s  Ice Palace.  Really? People are going to pay money for this? Why not just stand outside in the parking lot – for FREE! I saw on t.v. a bar inside an igloo! I want my cocktails inside a building that has central heating in front of a roaring fire! The only ice I want to be involved with is inside my Glass!  I will venture outside to go to and from my hot tub, but that’s it! Call me in the Spring! Stay tuned.

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