Super Bowl

I Love Football!   There.   Super Bowl is bittersweet for me;  love the game, but it means it’s the end of the season! Used to be, they played the Pro Bowl After the Super Bowl. That, at least gave me the chance to calm down, enjoy this last game without worrying who  would win.  Now, it’s played the week Before the Super Bowl. Who cares? My guy could get hurt – the week before he plays in the big game!  I’ve loved football forever. Fell in love with a player, had a son who played. Know the game pretty well (for a Girl). We used to host and go to Super Bowl parties. It was awkward for me – I always wanted to be in the room with the guys and the t.v. watching the game. Instead, I would sit in the other room with the wives and visit. I used to pretend Tom Laundry was kin to me! I wanted to adopt Michael Irving. We actually got Troy my boy’s autograph when we were  at the Stockyard Cafe in Nashville. Needless to say,  the Cowboys were my team – forever! The first time the Cowboys were NOT in the Super Bowl, I was Shocked! I thought the Super Bowl game, every year, was the Cowboys vs __________.  It’s kind of like the first President we elected after Eisenhower. I thought Eisenhower was like our King! I had no idea he could be replaced! Anyway, I’ve got my Bronco sweatshirt , more firewood ordered, makings for homemade chili, and lungs ready to Yell – one last time this year. I’ll probably nap through the Pro Bowl and dream of August. Stay tuned.

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