Pet Peeves

As I’ve aged, I’ve “let go” of a lot of things that used to drive me crazy. I realize that pet peeves I used to have had their place in that time of my life. When the kids were young and Had to be somewhere at a certain time, I had major road rage. It used to drive me crazy to have to stand on long lines, wait my turn or  let others go first. With Age, comes some patience. I will always have my lifelong pet peeve-people who mangle,  or misuse the English language. I’ve narrowed my pet peeves down to two current ones. People you run 200-300 page reports on the copier at work, daily, and NEVER replace the paper! Just walk away! Let the next person who needs to make a copy deal with the situation! And, of course, the next person is almost always ME!  But my Number 1, all time peeve  – people who drive in unsafe weather conditions with NO headlights on!  Rain, fog, snow, dusk, Dark, doesn’t matter. I count many, many cars who are oblivious! I’m sure I notice this more since my car wreck, but seriously! Every time I see someone without their headlights on, I just want to make them pull over so I can A. Slap them silly or B. Take their car keys away until they learn how to drive properly!  Just yesterday, I passed a State Trooper with no headlights on! Come on, people! If it is 4:30 on a cloudy, January day, it’s DARK! Turn your lights on! Old people can’t see you! (Sorry, Mac.) Stay tuned.

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