This Time Of Year

The people who live in my house, (Doug, Kathleen, me) don’t go to church. We all have in the past. We all love Jesus, we’ve all been baptized, we all pray – every day. But for different and various reasons, we don’t go to church. What very few people know about me is how much I love church music! Yes, hymns, Christmas music, but I LOVE Gospel music! Good, old fashioned, Gospel music. I was born & lived my first 10 yrs in Nashville. Can’t Stand country music! My uncle, by marriage, was Neal Matthews, singer with the Jordanaires. Yes, they were Elvis’s back up singers for a time, but it’s their gospel songs I love! My grandmother, (who lived with us when I was growing up), and I would watch the Jake Hess Gospel Show every weekday. Oh, the Blackwoods Bros., the Spear Family, the Oak Ridge Boys, Bill Gaither. But, my all time favorites are the Cathedrals. I think I have every song they ever recorded. I love their sound – I have to confess; the man who sang bass for them, George Youst,  reminds me so much of my daddy,  it’s unreal!
My daddy sang bass in the our church choir. He almost never missed a Sunday. He Loved that choir and my daddy was a man of very few pleasures! He Loved to read (!) and he loved to sing. He was a very hard working man, so he didn’t have a lot of free time. but he would wander through the house, singing. All the time. Hymns, mostly. He’s been gone a long time now, but Every time I listen to the Cathedrals, I can hear my daddy’s voice through their songs.

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