Sunday is like an “extra” day in the week for me. Monday through Friday belong to my employer. Saturday is spent doing laundry, running errands, watching our “shows” we have taped during the week (because we go to bed week nights between 7:30 and 8:00) – (because we don’t sleep well @ night -are you new to my blog?) and cooking dinner. Saturday always feels like a “make-up” day. Sunday is very laid back. Winter Sunday mornings I cook a big breakfast, followed many times, by a nap. Wake up in time to watch “Howie & the boys” and then Football! Depending on the game(s), my sister will crochet, and yell – I will check out Facebook, and yell. Doug watches, but doesn’t yell as much as we do! We, of course, have our favorite teams, but will watch Any team, All day, as long as they are playing. Sundays are fires in the fireplace, dinner in the crockpot, (sometimes) hot tub soaks, and early to bed. (Just read my first blog!) Stay tuned.

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