December 1

Just looked at all the pictures on Facebook of my friends who spent the weekend putting up their Christmas trees and decorating their homes for Christmas. Our answer to that – our tree Stays up – 365. No, I’m not particularly proud of that fact. But it is, what it is. It started 2 years ago with an argument that Doug and I had. (Okay here is where you need to know that we are Hoaders. Not the dirty kind on t.v. My house is clean. Just don’t look in my closets. Forget about the garage. And, oh yeah, the living room could use some attention). Anyway, two years ago, Christmas was over, time to take down the artificial tree (Big Lots, year before, after Christmas price of $19.99-thank you) and Doug says “Where you going to put that tree?” Uh, I’m thinking the garage? “No, no! You’re Not putting that in My garage!” Ok, put it in the shed. (We have two). “No, no! You’re Not putting that in My shed!”
(Why does he keep saying “You’re”?). Ok, Doug, where do You want to put the Christmas tree? “I don’t know, but neither of those places!” So we moved the tree from in front of the living room window to the corner of the dining room. A distance of about 6-7 feet – as the crow flys. You can’t see it when you drive by my house, but the minute you walk in my front door, look to your left, There is a Christmas tree! A little un-nerving in the middle of July, but…there ya go! So now it’s time to slide the tree back! Stay tuned.

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