Christmas Trees 2

So one year in particular, we worked especially hard at decorating the tree. Lorie was middle school (?) age or so, Brian would have been 4 or 5. Anyway, we spent ALL day Sunday decorating the tree. This was a live, cut tree in a tree stand. ****Note – what I stated in Christmas Tress 1 is correct. Doug did refuse to pay for live, cut trees. But this was only After Lorie left home. In our house, if Lorie wanted it, it happened!**** by the time we went to bed that night, this tree could have been featured on the Cover of Martha Stewart Living! Seriously! It was perfect from all sides! The next day, I woke up, started down the hallway; could see Lorie at the kitchen table, eating cereal. Very calm. Monday morning. I walked into the den to see if she had turned the Tree lights on….IT IS LYING IN THE FLOOR!!! My Beautiful, Martha Stewart Tree, is on it’s side – In The FLOOR!!! I looked at Lorie and started screaming, “Did you see the Tree had fallen to the floor?” She looked up, very nonchalant, and said, “Yeah” (shoulder shrug). “Why didn’t you Say anything, why didn’t you come Get me? All those hours we spent on this tree! Oh My God! DOUGGG!!!!” I was standing in the kitchen with Lorie. I remember there was a knife on the table. I picked it up and RAN down the hall, jumped on top of Doug, (who was waking up) and went through my tirade again. He calmed me down, (which has Always been his job!) took the knife, and proceeded to pick the Tree up off the floor. He found a length of ski rope, tired it to the tree and nailed it to the floor! Of course, the stand had been too small to hold the Tree, but hey! We got it on sale! Stay tuned

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