Christmas Trees 1

I have one Million funny (?) Christmas tree stories. This one is for Amber. Every year, we Had to have a live tree to decorate. Doug refused to pay the prices they asked, so instead of getting a live, cut tree, we would pay extra (?) to get one with roots so it could be replanted after the Holiday. One year, Doug was either sick or in a “mood”, I don’t remember which, but come time to go buy the tree, he was unavailable. So Brian & I take off to Dude’s to buy the tree. The ones with he root ball are extremely heavy! With a lot of help from the guys on the lot, we managed to get this sucker in the van, and on our way home. Our across the street neighbors and friends (to protect their privacy, I’ll call them Steve & Sandy) were witness to the next part of my story. Brian & I wrestled with this tree, getting it out of the van & dragging it up the sidewalk. We made it as far as the front porch, and tried to get it in the galvanized bucket to take in the house. Would Not go! (Of course not). So we struggled with this tree for a good 30 – 45 minutes. Hearing the commotion, sick or moody Doug comes out on the front porch, tells us to get out of the way, and proceeds to take his chainsaw to the root ball of the tree! At this point, we took our live, fresh CUT tree into the house to decorate it! Gotta love Christmas at my house! Stay tuned.

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