Little Lady

Our beloved Trixie passed away last week.  December 27, 2013 to be exact.  Normally, I would never considered getting another dog so soon.  Our hearts were broken, even though we  had  Trixie for so many years. However, this has NOT been a normal year and after talking to a couple of close friends who were aware of our situation, I decided to get another dog, ASAP.  I consulted Facebook friends, newspaper ads, – the works.  Ended up with the sweetest pup I have Ever seen, bar none! She is a mix of Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier called a “Shorkie”. Regardless, she is tiny and precious!  I “eased” her into the house and held my breathe; praying Doug would not reject her outright.  He had a lukewarm response, but let her stay. I told him that he could name her. After a couple of days of playing with her and staying up nights with her,  they are starting to bond.  We still cry for Trixie, but I think she would approve of my choice and be happy that her Dad was “keeping busy” during his grieving process. He decided to name her Lady. He said the very first dog he had and loved was named Lady and he wants his very Last dog to be named the same! Stay tuned.

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