Sarah, still

My mother and father had 3 children and Sarah, all her life, worked outside the home. This was at a time when most women didn’t. She was a telephone operator for 15 yrs. We had housekeepers who stayed with us when I was little. Later, my grandmother came to live with us. Anyway, Sarah and my Daddy worked full time. When they were home with us, it was a peaceful time. I was never spanked as a child (yeah, that explains a lot, right?). Not by my parents, anyway. I do remember a couple of times my grandmother taking a switch to my legs. That flipping Hurt! Old coot! Anyway the point of this is that when Sarah went into the nursing home, and started physically hitting people, that was totally out of character! Rosewood called me one day and said, “Ms. Sarah is okay but…we had a screamer on the hallway this morning. Before anyone could catch her, Sarah had rolled her wheelchair up to the screaming woman, doubled her fist and acting like she was knocking on a door, started wrapping the woman on her forehead, shouting – Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up!!” They separated the women, (no the lady did Not quit screaming), and Sarah had to go to time out! They explained to me that many times, dementia patients will resort to hitting because they loose the use of their words! Not my Mother! She knows what shut up is! Stay tuned.

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