Neighbors 2

When Doug & I had this house built, in 1979, this section of the subdivision had just opened up. There was nothing behind us but wide open land. Needless to say, that only lasted a couple of years. As the 80’s progressed, so did house building. We decided to plant pine trees across our back property line, thus blocking the view of whatever neighbors we had in the future. We had 11 white pine trees planted. We watered & fertilized and watched as they grew into tall, beautiful trees! Twenty years later, sometimes, the utility company, B.G.M.U., would come & “top” the trees to keep them out of the power lines. One morning, I’m in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, when I hear the sound of the saws. Okay. But they sound very close & “topping” doesn’t usually take this much time. I opened the shade and looked out the window. I thought I would faint! Four of my beautiful pine trees looked like very tall pencils!! There was not a limb on them! This huge bucket truck is parked in the neighbor’s yard behind me. Four men in hard hats are now working on my fifth tree and the grinding noise is unbelievable! I drop my toothbrush, and in only my thin housecoat, go flying out of the house, screaming, “STOP! STOP! STOP!” The noise, stopped, the neighbors, who were sitting on their deck, watching the show, watched as I threw myself against the closest man in a hardhat. “What are you doing to MY TREES?” He said, “We just came to top them, but that lady (pointing to the woman sitting in her robe on the deck, along with her husband) told me to go on & cut ’em down”. I then launched myself up on the deck of this woman (whom I had never met before) and screamed, “What in the Hell would make you DO such a thing?” “Well, I thought they were my trees.” “Did it Never cross your mind to check that out? You’d better go in and get some clothes on, cause before long, lots of people will be here to see you.” The men said there was no way to save the 5 trees they had cut. My lawyer and a rep from BGMU came to access the situation. We settled for a small sum, and let the hard hats remove the rest of the trees. Then everyday, until random brush grew up in the place where my beautiful trees were, I stood at my window, shades up, all lights on, and put my naked chest against the window, for my neighbors sake! THAT’LL teach ’em!

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